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The concept of Family Fixers is that we are living in a broken world. When things are broken we find ways and means to fix them. The same should be true for our relationships, marriages, families and our selves. To fix troubling issues among our communities, the Smiths (a.k.a., the Family Fixers) offer counseling services for individuals, couples, and families, and also provide presentations at family-based events and conduct family enrichment evangelistic series. 

Counseling Services
The Smiths provide, solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, person-centered and systems-based counseling for couples, families, individuals, adolescents and children. 
Individual services include counseling for: depression, anxiety, body image, self-development, stress and anger management, cyber and video game addictions, crisis and trauma, loss and grief counseling, esteem and confidence buildling and more.
Couples therapy includes counseling for: more effective communication, sex and intimacy issues, financial disagreements, infidelity, and more
Family counseling includes counseling for: parent and child conflicts, family communication problems, angry/defiant or isolated children, grief and issues of loss, transitions after divorce or separation and more
Speaking Engagements
The Smiths are excellent speakers and workshop presenters for retreats, family life events, marriage enrichment weekends, seminars for couples and families. You can invite one or both depending on the kind of program you are planning.  What others are saying about their services.


“Awesome presenters, they made such an impact at our couple’s retreat .” (Boston, Mas.)


“We had them for our couples retreat and they were hilarious, factual and engaging. I definitely would use them again and again.”  (Cape Town, South Africa)


“Dr. Alanzo is an excellent speaker/presenter. He did a week of family revival in our church and he exceeded our expectations.” (Jamaica, W.I.)


“We had them for a week at our church and what a blessing. Our church was filled each night and the members and visitors expressed deep appreciation for their ministry.” (London, England)


Family Enrichment Evangelistic Series 


Dr. Alanzo Smith is an experienced, gifted and spirit-filled international evangelist.


He has traveled across the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, French Antilles and West Indies conducting successful Family Life evangelistic series.


Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit he has won thousands of souls for the kingdom. His winsome and humorous personality, his didactic preaching endeared people to him as he draw them to Christ.

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