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Frequently Asked Questions


Don't see your question answered? Send your query to or by completing the online form under the "Contact" page. 

 01 What type of services do you provide?​

We provide counseling to individuals, children, adolescents, couples, family and groups. We also conduct workshops and seminars for couples, singles, men’s and ladies' retreats. We accept speaking engagements for camp meetings, family life day, men’s ministry day and other special occasions. Alanzo can be invited to conduct evangelistic meetings nationally and internationally.


 02 Do you conduct conjoint therapy sessions?​

Yes, at the request of couples we do conjoint therapy. Sometimes, however, we have to separate the couple to look at specific issues.


 03  What is the length of a session?​

A session lasts for one hour. There are times when the session may be longer depending on the situation and the discretion of the therapist.


 04  How many sessions do I need to resolve a problem?.​

It is difficult to determine the number of sessions on any particular problem, because “one size does not fit all." Each situation is different, however, a typical case should take four to six sessions.


 05 When may I schedule a session?​

Counseling sessions may be scheduled by appointments. Please call Dr. June Smith (516) 851-4548 or Dr. Alanzo Smith (516) 851-4549



 06  Do you work on weekends?

Weekend appointments are available upon request. Holiday weekends are generally not open except for emergencies.


 07 Do you accept insurance?

All major insurances are accepted. You may call (516) 851-4548 for details 


 08 Can I choose between Dr. Alanzo Smith and Dr. June Smith for counseling?​

Yes you can. To reach Dr. Alanzo call (516) 851-4549 to reach Dr. June call (516) 851-4548


 09 Where is your office located?

For members of the GNYC constituency, Dr. Alanzo Smith’s office is at 7 Shelter Rock Rd, Manhasset, New York. For private sessions call Dr. Alanzo (516) 851-4549. For appointments with Dr. June Smith please contact her at (516) 851-4548. 


 10  At what age should a child start counseling?

A child’s cognitive, behavioral, emotional, or developmental concern maybe assessed at any age. Behavior modification may occur at any age.


 11 Do you do pre-marital counseling?

Yes, we counsel individuals who are considering marriage and recommend that they pursue this before they set a date and send out an invitation.



 12  Do you do individual counseling?

Yes we counsel individuals. We provide psychotherapy to individuals who may have the following  diagnoses: Bi Polar, Schizophrenias, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Marital Discord, Abuse, and a variety of problems of living.

















































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